Harley Brown’s Got All the Right Moves

It doesn’t take a stretch of the mind to discover why Australian native Harley Brown settled along the coast of Central California eight years ago. Any rider would kill for a thriving business, access to both ends of the state, and an ocean view, to boot.

But when Harley moved to San Luis Obispo, CA from his native Melbourne, it was simply because of a friendly connection in the middle- California, college town. Little did he know that he’d raise a family there, fill a barn, and become one of the West Coast’s top grand prix riders.

In Australia, Harley’s family had always been in the business of horses. His grandfather played polo, and his parents foxhunted with young Harley following along on his pony. Harley first learned to jump on his grandfather’s polo ponies, and began competing in grand prix classes while still a teenager. He could have remained in Australia and enjoyed a successful career there, but Harley felt the pull of the horse industry in the United States, where business was bigger and possibly better.

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