Reichow Blows Away The Judges And Competitors In R.W. Mutch Equitation Championship

Thermal, Calif.—March. 17

Source: Chronicle of the Horse
by Laura Lemon
Walking into the ring for the second phase of the R.W. Mutch Equitation Championship, Emma Catherine Reichow had one “simple” strategy in mind: make the time allowed.

“I do jumpers, so I’m used to trying to go as fast as I can,” said the 16-year-old from Menlo Park, California, “but I also had to make it look as beautiful as I could.”

And making it as beautiful as possible proved to be a tricky task for many in the field of 37 across both rounds. The first round course asked elasticity and gymnastic questions from its riders. With a trot jump, a bounce and a hand gallop featured, riders also had to demonstrate a counter canter before leaving out a stride in a bending line that they rode previously in the course. The second course left the riders continually looking ahead with various flowing lines upon each other and a tight time allowed. Read More>>